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::::[[:la:Disputatio Usoris:Wuyouyuan]] ?--[[Utilisateur:Doug|Doug.]]<sup>([[Discussion utilisateur:Doug|d]] <small>•</small> [[Special:Contributions/Doug|c]])</sup> 23 août 2011 à 09:08 (UTC)
== Text layer ==
Hello, I will try to write in English,
I have seen your comment in the Recent Changes : 'text layer works for me using the OCR button - just slow'. The problem we have is that for newly uploaded files, there is no text layer in the Page space. The OCR button is a gadget used for creating a text, but it doesn't import the text layer, and the result is generally a bit worst than the original text layer. Bye. --[[Utilisateur:Pikinez|Pikinez]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Pikinez|d]]) 1 décembre 2012 à 01:47 (UTC)

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