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Merci d'avance.
--[[Utilisateur:Newnewlaw|Newnewlaw]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Newnewlaw|d]]) 27 décembre 2017 à 08:01 (UTC)
== News from it.source ==
Hi Phe, just a mention about something new, regarding use of mapped text wrapped into djvu files (and published by IA into _djvu.xml files, even if djvu publication has been discontinued).
Please take a look to [[:it:Catone in Utica/Atto secondo]]. As you see, I'm testing something new: the upload of xml of pages by bot, then its local parsing and conversion by jQuery by not-so-complex local routines. This could gain all advantages of full use of mapped text with no need of a server-side/tool manipulation and even with no djvu file (next try will be on following index of Metastasio works, using pdf version). You can see scripts at [[:it:Utente:Alex brollo/xml2text.js]]. Xml will be saved into page chronology, and it can be recovered and reused if needed. --[[Utilisateur:Alex brollo|Alex brollo]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Alex brollo|d]]) 9 avril 2018 à 10:23 (UTC)
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