Discussion:Formation du Peuple Roumain

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There is no doubt that the daco-thraco-illyrian peoples were indoeuropean peoples. Nevertheless one could be surprised by old place or river names of the Balkans like for instance the river Ibar of Serbia-Montenegro that can only be explained from the basque ibar "valley".

In Bulgaria, some inhabitants of the Rhodope mountains are wearing special clothes with fur and a high conic hat, a mask and with bells around the waist exactly like the Basques of Iturren or Zubieta in the spanish Navarra. Of course this substratum is not bulgarian, but older.

In the albanian language some words like kok "head" are not indoeuropean. The oronymic root kok/kuk is very well known in the toponymy of Europe. What about rumanian pisc "high, summit"? Is it not related to the basque bizk-ar / bizk-ai with the same meaning?

Michel Morvan UMR 5478 of the CNRS.