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b:Halakhot Yesodei Hattora - Pereq III and b:Halakhot Yesodei Hattora - Pereq II[modifier]

Hi, this two articles are both on fr.wikibooks, are you planned to move it there on fr.wikisource ? Greudin

Hi. Yes, texts and translations mostly belong on Wikisource. However, I think the French speakers can handle moving with proper French titles, categories, and listing better than I can.Dovi 15 sep 2005 à 16:16 (UTC)

Sefer Madâ and Halakhot Yesodei Hattora[modifier]

I moved this two pages and sub pages from fr.wikibooks there, please check it. Greudin 13 oct 2005 à 10:04 (UTC)