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Hello. I do not edit here much. You can find me on the Bengali Wikipedia or Meta.

w:bn:Discussion utilisateur:Jayantanth (en, Meta)

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  • {{ALL PAGES}}=3 612 818
  • {{PR TEXTS}}=388 960 is the number of the page like ALL_TEXTS but which transclude at least one page from the Page: namespace (meaning there is PR_TEXTS with a scan),
  • {{PR PERCENT}}=99.65 ‎is the ratio of ALL_TEXTS and PR_TEXTS, ALL_PAGES is the total number of page in namespace Page: I don't remember if this including page marked as empty.
  • {{ALL TEXTS}}=390 319 is the total number of page in namespace 0 minus the number of disamb pages and redirect. ‎
  • {{PAGES NOT PROOFREAD}}=666 537 is the number of page in namespace Page: which are in state quality1 (created page and red coloured in Index:).