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Zyephyrus (d · c · b) Hi there, I just noticed you blocked me, I assure you I am not a spammer. I am a global rollbacker with almost 70,000 edits X-wiki and work in antivandalism and anti-spam. Stewards and others can vouch for me. Can you please explain why I've been blocked? Thanks. Praxidicae (d) 9 octobre 2018 à 13:36 (UTC)

Very sorry of this mistake, summaries were spambot in these suppressed pages
  • 21 août 2018 à 14:38 (diff | journal des suppressions | voir) . . Conococe A Alma Lilia Luna Olivas (spambot)
  • 21 août 2018 à 14:37 (diff | journal des suppressions | voir) . . Quien Es Alma Lilia Luna Olivas (spambot)
  • 21 août 2018 à 14:36 (diff | journal des suppressions | voir) . . Utilisateur:JacquelynEvers (spambot)

and I read them too quickly. Do receive thousand excuses! Of course I have unblocked you. --Zyephyrus (d) 9 octobre 2018 à 15:39 (UTC)