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Were Awarded Highest Honors at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in competition with the world’s makers receiving a

Special Award

(Superior to a Grand Prize)

for the best, most complete and most attractive installation of Gymnastic Apparatus and Athletic Supplies shown at the World’s Fair, and also a


for Iheir exhibit of all kinds of Athletic Implements, Gymnastic Apparatus and Wearing Apparel In the OLYMPIC GAMES, which extended over a period from May to November, 1904, every article used In the Stadium In connection with the games bore the Official Stamp of A. 6. Spalding & Bros. GRAND PRIZE


A. G.Spalding & Bro





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siurii «* Play ;


Athletic Implements


Games «* Sports


at the Worold’ Fair, St. Louis, was conceded by the most eminent physical directors of the country to be a marvelous exhibit of gymnastic apparatus and progression in the manu facture of same many of the pieces being entirely new and of novel construction, made especially with a view to econo my of space, now so necessary, owing to the advanced value of properties where many of them must necessarily be located. The hundreds of gymnasts who competed in the différents events in the Stadium during the year proclaimed the apparatus made by A. G. Spalding & Bros, the best that they had ever worked on, and the team of German Turners that came to America especially to compete in the Internatio nal Championships at St. Louis on July 1 and Ï, 1904, requested that they be permitted to use the apparatus of the Spalding gymnasium exhibit in the gymnastic tournament, and at the conclusion of the two-day meeting voluntarily forwarded to A. G. Spalding & Bros, a testimonial highly complimenting the firm on the manufacture of their gymnastic apparatus. The same request was made by the Young Men’s Christiun Association of America, and the apparatus was used by them for the championships with best results. In the International A. A. U. Championships A. G. Spalding & Bros, apparatus was. likewise used, and the chairman of thecommitee declared the apparatus to be the best ever used in conrtection with a championship meeting.


in the Model Playground on the Model Street at the World’s Katr was installed by A. G. Spulding ^ Bros., and during the season the apparatus was in constant use by hundreds of children each day. All the apparatus stood the test for during the entire season not one piece of it, after the severest kind hrousage, was brokeir or displaced. This latest recognition of SUPERIORITY and QUALITY, followmg so closely on the Paris Exposition, where A.G. Spal ding & Bros, were awarded the Grand Prize, establishes without doubt the position of this firm in the manufacturing and retailing of athletic goods as world’s leaders, aud places the implements tor sport that bear the Spalding Trade Mark beyond competition with all others. At the Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, 1901, every article used in connection with the world’s championship games bore the Trade Mark of A. G. Spalding & Bros.


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