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Parts of irregular verbs are given in the following order : Infinitive, present participle, past participle, present indicative, past definite, to which are added, when necessary, the future and present subjunctive.

The following abbreviations are occasionally used :

qqn. = quelqu’un ; qqch.= quelque chose ; s.o. = some one ; something.


à, at, to, in, on.

abandonner, to abandon, forsake ; s’abandonner aux larmes, to allow one’s tears to flow freely.

abattre (abattant, abattu, abats), to overthrow ; to cut off.

une abbaye [abɛi], abbey.

abhorrer, to abhor.

abîmer, to swallow up ; to plunge.

une abondance, abundance, plenty.

d’abord, at first ; to begin with.

aborder, to approach ; to land, to arrive.

aboutir, to end, to result.

absolument, absolutely.

accabler, to overwhelm, oppress, overload.

accepter, to accept.

un accès, a fit.

accommoder, to prepare, to cook.

accompagner, to accompany, escort.

accomplir, to accomplish, carry out.

accorder, to grant ; s’accorder, to agree.

accoster, to accost, come up to.

accourir (accourant, accouru, accours, accourus), to come ; to hasten.

un accoutrement, a garb.

accoutumer, to accustom.

accrocher, to hook, to catch.

s’accroître (accroissant, accru, accrois, accrus), to increase.

acheter (achetant, acheté, achète), to buy, purchase.

achever (achevant, achevé, achève), to finish, end, complete.

acquérir (acquérant, acquis, acquiers, acquis, acquerrai), to acquire.

un acte, deed.

un adieu, farewell.

admirer, to admire ; to wonder.

adoucir, to soften, alleviate.

l’adresse, f., dexterity, skill.

adresser la parole à qqn., to address s.o. ; s’adresser à qqn., to address s.o.

adroit, dexterous, clever.