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la tache, task.

tacher, to try, to endeavour, la taille, waist, le tailleur, tailor, se taire (taisant, tu, tais, tus), to keep silence, to hold one’s tongue.

le talent, talent, natural gift, le talon, heel, le talus, bank.

tandis que, whilst, la taniere, den.

tant (de) , so much ; tant (. . . que), both ; tant que, as long as, until ; tant . . . que (75.25), both . . . and; tant qu’il put, as much (as long) as he could ; tant bien que mal, indifferently well. tantot, a little while ago;

this afternoon. le tapage, noise, racket, se tapir, to crouch.

tard, late; tot ou tard,

sooner or later. tarder, to tarry; ne pas tarder(a),nottobelong(in). tarir, to dry (up). la tasse, cup.

tater, to feel ; to grope. le teint, complexion.

tel, such ; tels . . ., such

are . . . tellement, so much ; so

hard. le temoignage, evidence.

temoigner, to show, express, le temoin, witness. la tempete, tempest, storm. le templier, templar, le temps, time ; en meme temps, at the same time ; de tout temps, always, from all time ; de temps en temps, from time to time, now and then.

��tendre, tender, affectionate, fond.

tendre, to hold out, to stretch out ; tendre un piege, to lay a snare, set a trap.

tendrement, fondly, la tendresse, love, les tenebres, f., darkness.

tenir (tenant, tenu, tiens, tins, tiendrai, tienne), to hold, to keep ; tenir a, to be anxious to, deter- mined to ; to insist on ; elle n’y peut tenir, she cannot control her feel- ings ; il ne tient qu’i moi (vous) de . . ., it de- pends only on me (you) to . . . ; tenir du, to partake of the nature of ; tiens ! tenez ! here ! look here ! tenir en alarme, to keep on the alert; tenir quitte (de), to remit, to relieve (of a debt) ; se tenir (a), to abide (by) ; s’y tenir, to be content with it ; savoir a quoi s’en tenir, to know or learn the truth.

tenter, to tempt ; tenter (de), to attempt (to).

terminer, to end, to decide.

terne, dull. le terrain, ground.

terrasser, to throw down, to

throw to earth, la terre, earth ; ground, land ; estate ; par terre, on the ground, on the floor, la tete, head ; sur ma tete, on my life.

tiendr , see tenir.

tiens, tient, tiennent, see tenir.

tins, tint, see tenir.

tirailler, to pull about.

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