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this title:

Le corset; étude physiologue et pratigue

is not proper French. please check it ThomasV 9 novembre 2005 à 09:29 (UTC)

still not correct: "pratigue" should be "pratique" ThomasV 10:00, 9 novembre 2005 (UTC)

Åh! Haabet 9 novembre 2005 à 10:02 (UTC)


Following Wikisource:Scriptorium#Eug._Pemjean about Le Livret de la corsetière i have receive a reply for Eyroles Editions. Here is a short translation : We have well recive you inquire, sorry for the late in the reply, This book was first publish in 1926 but is not anymore into our catalogue since decades. The rights have returns to the author or familly but we have no informations about them.

So execpt the fisrt date of edition : 1926 they do not know anything else, partyculary they don't not the dead date of the author, and where to contact family. Apparently they are probably will not republish this book. So actualy we know :

  • The author first publish the book in 1926.
  • The sedond publication was in 1933 and so the author was probably alive a this date.
  • The editor will not probably not republish the book.

Actualy if we supose than Pemjean dead during the year 1933 this book is not yet public domain ! To publish it we have to have authorisation from is familly. Anyway i think we can leave it for now on wikisource. But if the familly ask for a remove we will have to do it. (I will try to find and contact them with page blanches to have the authorisation.) Miniwark 22 février 2006 à 09:13 (UTC)

I know that, and make those page as substitute. please delete all pages of Pemjean. haabet 22 février 2006 à 18:32 (UTC) http://haabet.dk/Le_Livret_De_La_Corsetiere/index.html


I would choose 70 years after the author's death, so if the author died in 1935 or before, it's OK, IMO. Yann 22 février 2006 à 21:37 (UTC)


nice to see you back here. I saw that you've uploaded several books in a page per page format. do you also have the scanned images ? could you upload them here ? we now have a new way to render books. example : Page:Œuvres de Fermat, Tannery, tome 1, 1891.djvu/54 ThomasV 31 août 2006 à 16:51 (UTC)

The improvement is a reduction. It do not work.

I have a order about do not fill wikisource by images of texts.haabet 31 août 2006 à 21:46 (UTC)

an order by whom ? ThomasV 31 août 2006 à 21:49 (UTC)

I do not remember. But I have the images, but how I do that? They is in .tif, Tagged Image File Fomat, Pixels Per Inch: 600 Bits per plane: 1 haabet 1 septembre 2006 à 19:35 (UTC)

De la sangle pelvienne contre l'Entéroptose[modifier]


Pourrais-tu indiquer la source et l'auteur ? Merci. Cordialement, Yann 18 octobre 2006 à 19:35 (UTC)

I do not know! I do not understand French! 350px|what say the French text?haabet 19 octobre 2006 à 19:01 (UTC)

Ok, I mean where did you find the scans? Yann 19 octobre 2006 à 19:04 (UTC)

I have scan the book becorse I do not understand French. But I have a translations program, if that work and wikisource OCR the text.

I have buy the book becorse I have a advertising on a corset of his father. Image:LE_NEOS1909.gifhaabet 19 octobre 2006 à 19:19 (UTC)

A Category for Inès Gaches-Sarraute[modifier]


In the French Wikisource, we don't create a category for every author. Only the authors with a lot of works (like Victor Hugo) have their own category. As Inès Gaches-Sarraute has got her own author page with link with her unique work published here, Le Corset ; étude physiologique et pratique 1900, there is no need to create a category Catégorie:Inès Gaches-Sarraute.

Can I delete this category ? Bigon 3 janvier 2007 à 14:30 (UTC)

I do not know, I am not the expert. If a famous person is on a image, the name of that person is a category? Or how can you find that image on Commons?haabet 3 janvier 2007 à 21:30 (UTC)
No, having a picture in Commons (or elsewhere) is not a good reason to have a category in Wikisource. Only author with many works (books, letters, articles...) may have a category. Indeed, the utility of such a category is to give a complete list of the author's works in wikisource. See for example: Catégorie:Victor Hugo (more than 800 pages from him in Wikisource!).
Of course, if you find a picture of Inès Gaches-Sarraute, you can put it in her author page, it will be prettier, but there is nothing to do with categories. Don't hesitate to ask for more information if you don't understand. Bigon 29 janvier 2007 à 14:36 (UTC)



Merci de ne mettre une note de 100% que si le document est correctement formaté selon les standards habituels de Wikisource. Cordialement, Yann 28 juin 2007 à 10:54 (UTC)

Livre:Étude sur le corset --> Livre:Baus - Étude sur le corset.djvu[modifier]

hello Haabet. do you have scans for this book ? I cannot find them ThomasV 22 août 2007 à 21:03 (UTC)

Yes, but they are in 2 colour and bigger the limit on 3072px and in .tif-file type. haabet 23 août 2007 à 15:56 (UTC)

Images sans informations ou sans catégories[modifier]

Bonjour Haabet,

Selon [1], tu as importé plusieurs documents qui demeurent actuellement sans informations sur leur licence et leur source, n'ont pas de catégories ou dont les informations ne sont pas correctement présentées. Merci d'ajouter ces informations, en utilisant par exemple le modèle Modèle:InfoLivre, et en liant quand cela est possible ces documents à une page d'index. Marc 19 octobre 2007 à 08:21 (UTC)

I Do not understand French!26 mars 2008 à 16:53 (UTC)
Il will try to translate :

Hi Haabet,

"According to [2], you have brought many documents that keep having no information about their license and their sources, have no categories or where informations are not displayed in the correct way. Thaks for adding theses informations, while using by example Modèle:InfoLivre, and possibly making a link to an index page." Dodoïste 24 juin 2008 à 18:09 (UTC)

Missing pages[modifier]

I see that there are a few pages missing here : Livre:Le Corset de Toilette (n°2 and n°65). I wonder why. Dodoïste 24 juin 2008 à 18:12 (UTC)

they are blank, the booklet has got three completely blank pages. The third page is the back of the front page, but the numbers start by the title page.haabet 24 juin 2008 à 18:27 (UTC)
Ok I see thank for answering ;) Dodoïste 24 juin 2008 à 19:18 (UTC)

Missing part[modifier]

Hi Haabet :

I have guessed the missing parts here. Regards, --Zephyrus 25 juin 2008 à 15:18 (UTC)

I can guess the missing letters here too.- --Zephyrus 25 juin 2008 à 16:34 (UTC)
hurrah!haabet 25 juin 2008 à 17:06 (UTC)

Livre:Le Corset de Toilette[modifier]

Wot help do you need ? Just to verify and correct ? VIGNERON * discut. 27 juin 2008 à 13:46 (UTC)

yes; I do not understand French. And have need of somebody who understand the for verify and correct. Livre:Le Corset de Toilette haabet 27 juin 2008 à 13:59 (UTC)
Ok, I’ll do that sometimes. I’ve done some on Livre:Le Corset (1905). VIGNERON * discut. 29 juin 2008 à 07:41 (UTC)


Peut tu m'aider à créé un nouveau wiki.
Celui ci n'appartient pas à la fondation.
Son adresse est http://litterature.wikia.com

Toino2000, you have forgotten a signature! :) - --Zyephyrus 14 septembre 2008 à 14:14 (UTC)