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(→‎Several issues : follow-up on 1)
*3) when using {{tl|iwpage}} do all of the templates that are included have to exist on both wikis? It appears so, e.g.: [[:la:Pagina:Abelard Heloise Cousin - Lettres I.djvu/7]]. Although the assumption is frequently that the page will only be displayed in the mainspace in it's own language, this creates a bit of a problem of display in the pagespace and for works that need to be able to be displayed in both languages on a single wiki (for example, a French side by side translation of a Latin work should display the French and the Latin on fr.ws ''and'' may also be the source scan for the Latin text on la.ws. This would seem to require some effort to standardize templates across domains, wouldn't it? If so, should we start a discussion for that on oldwikisource?
I'll check back here from time to time but if you get time for a detailed response you may want to ping me on en.ws or IRC to let me know. Merci.--[[Utilisateur:Doug|Doug]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Doug|d]]) 12 mars 2011 à 17:52 (UTC)
:OK, I understand the answer you gave on IRC to #1 but a follow-up: should we be actively removing the template on la.ws via bot or is that a waste of effort and we should focus on other things and just be patient for you to get around to it? There are 600-700 instances.--[[Utilisateur:Doug|Doug]] ([[Discussion utilisateur:Doug|d]]) 12 mars 2011 à 21:49 (UTC)


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